In 2013, I did 60 days  trekking and expedition in  Dolpo -Araniko Chuli-Mustang with Altitude Randonnee Trekking. The trekking began with  12 days  crossing Dhorpatan Hunting  Reserve between Beni and Dunai, a region very enclosed, difficult to access, very little frequented by the trekkers.

Then we  embarked  in trek  to  Lower Dolpo, Dunai to Dunai loop passing through Kagmara La and Phoksundo Lake. This trek followed two extraordinary weeks in the Upper  Dolpo, far from the usual circuits. To reach Charka Bhot, we took the unknown and off the beaten trail in Mukot valley, bordering the south faces of the Dhaulagiri range.

Then from Charka, our trekking set out to join Lo Mantang, not by Jomsom then the Kali Gandaki, but continuing north towards the Tibetan border for the ascent of Araniko Chuli (a little more than 6000m), then we allow  to gain Lo Mantang by the west. The last part of the trek saw a 10 days  zigzag circuit to descend to  the Upper Mustang, between the right bank and the left bank of the Kali Gandaki.

You will understand, the challenge was big, whether for the trekkers or the Nepalese team. And the success of the trekking and expedition were  only more beautiful in view of the difficulty of the task. The team of porters, cooks and sherpas had  always responded beautifully. Despite the bad weather during the first month, the harshness of the terrain or the environment (many passes over 4000m, wind, cold, rain, etc.), difficulties in supplying and changes in routes under conditions, the organization developed upstream by the agency and relayed by the team on site proved to be very good.

The meals were always of excellent quality, copious and as varied as it could be for a high mountain expedition. The guide and the sherpas were great helpful  on a daily basis to ensure our well-being, set up camp and coordinate collective action.

The porters, however, never reluctantly reluctant to carry out the task in spite of certain stages that were longer than planned, and even allowed themselves to help the rest of the group on a regular basis. Indeed, it is the mutual support between the members of this very dynamic team, the good mood persisting despite the difficulties and the excellent understanding with the trekkers, which were in my opinion the most important points of the daily life of this expedition.

But all this was only possible thanks to the work of Mr. Chhetup Tamang, Managing Director of Altitude Randonnee Trekking. Whether upstream or during the trek (in coordination with Pierre Martin(Group Leader), the correspondent of this adventure, Chhetup Tamang achieved a real performance in terms of organization.

Indeed, there were no concerns regarding land transfers, hotel reservations, obtaining many special  trekking  permits  and special climbing permits.  When the weather was capricious, making the air links more than random, he was always very responsive and had his networks play to allow the participants to be routed. Its availability and responsiveness were without a doubt one of the major ingredients in the success of this grand circuit trekking trail.

In parallel with Altitude Randonnee Trekking and its activities, Chhetup Tamang created the association Survive Nepal, which subsidized me during my 2 months of volunteer work in Bolde Phediche, the birthplace of Chhetup Tamang. Living at Bhim Lama’s home, one of the Sherpa from this trek, I spent 2 months at  Saraswoti Primary School of the village by giving classes of English. I was able to live in this Tamang village, 6 hours by bus from Kathmandu, on the bank  of the Sun Kosi River.

During your trip to Nepal, I can only advise you to spend a few days with the inhabitant in this very friendly and welcoming village, away from the tourist agitation and allowing to immerse yourself in the Buddhist culture and society of Ethnic Tamang. In addition, many day trips are possible from the village, as well as several days treks (Timal trek offering magnificent views of the Himalayas in clear weather).

So, if the immersion in the daily life of a small village in the middle of terraced crops tempts you, do not hesitate to contact Chhetup Tamang about it.

Maxime Lelievre

Address: 18bis Route d Aumale 76340 Nesle Normandeuse, France

E-mail: max.staps@live.fr



In the spring of 2011, Mr. Chhetup Tamang, Managing Director of Altitude Randonnee Trekking  contacted me through the contact form of my web site. He wanted to set up a partnership. His fascination seduced me immediately and the interest of the words he held (and in French please!). Admittedly it is emphatic and causes a lot but he knows the workings of the Nepalese administration and makes us enjoy all the “good plans” of his address book. He is the facilitator of the expeditions I created in last 6 years till now. Having for many years guided groups of tourists in the Nepalese mountains (and at the service of the biggest trekking houses …), he knows very well the levels of service to render and adapted his methods of organization of journeys even the most difficult ones) in a very professional manner. Able to move “mountains” to satisfy the customer (change of schedules of airplanes, telephone information, changing routes according in all consequences etc.)

I would summarize his introduction at my side of indispensable, even if he is not on the ground. The part of work that he carries out in Kathmandu, before and during the trek, is paramount and contributes to the success of my all off the beaten treks and climbing . He understood from the very first day we started communicating what drives the construction of off-the-beaten paths, I imagine. Far from the usual Treks  of something (Annapurna or Manaslu), it is in perpetual search for the new spaces of tomorrow. They will expand its catalog and will be more different  than other agencies  by the proposal of original programs.

Let’s visit his website: www.treknepal.travel   to know more about  his extraordinary services though it’s in English, he can write and speak very well French language  that he is francophone professional since 1996.

You should be conquered also my website .www.martinpierre.fr

Also visit trek magazine  and read the article about detail Mustang Travel Guide : http://www.martinpierre.fr/medias/files/tm166.pdf 



Hello Namaste to all trekkers,

Here is a brief testimony of our trek in Upper Mustang, organized by the agency ART (Altitude Randonnee Trekking) in Nepal. From Katmandu airport, we were  welcomed by our cultural guide who offered  scarves as a Buddhist  welcome and immediately answered our questions in excellent  French language. After 30mn drive from airport to hotel in Kathmandu, we met  with Chhetup Tamang, Managing  Director of agency ART (Altitude Randonnee Trekking)  in front of a refreshment and  in a comfortable hotel in the area of Thamel.  We flew from Kathmandu-Pokhara-Jomsom and we started the trek in Jomoson.

The logistical support is substantial: mules and horses were to carry our bags, food  and all camping equipment, chef, cook helpers, many porters to move the traveling kitchen and the small equipment, finally a Sherpa guide  of high mountain which on the parts played  the role of great management and helped the most backward while the francophone guide answered  all our questions concerning religion and culture of the local populations.

The organization was well established, it was  to the small details that we appreciated  the know-how of our Nepalese team. Small frequent poses with tea or orange juice and biscuits, early morning alarm clock with hot drink and basin of water for a small toilette etc . At the camping ground,  the tents were installed well, the material of good quality, the foam mattresses were very  comfortable. The campsites were carefully chosen, always closed  to a water point to facilitate the camping service.

The chef and his team were the admirable of our group, succeeding in making quality food in full menus in a precarious and even hostile environment. For example, we had been able to taste delicious apple pancake for breakfast and many dishes requiring us to  know that how long  experience had  given them in even difficult working conditions.

During the trek, one participant fractured her ankle in the North of Tangey  in the middle of the day. The next morning, Chhetup Tamang  arrived in a helicopter he had chartered to evacuate the victim on Kathmandu. Remarkable reactivity of  Chhetup Tamang, Managing Director of  agency ART (Altitude Randonnee Trekking)  who assisted the wounded participant  in Kathmandu until his departure for France on a flight managed by Europe assistance.

In summary, If I have to do a trek in this region of the world, I will definitely  choose the agency A.R.T. (Altitude Randonnee Trekking) also I don’t take any hesitation to recommend the clients around me, my family and friends.

For the quality of its services and especially the capacity of its Managing Director Mr. Chhetup Tamang to organize a relief operation in a particularly complex relief and conditions of remoteness which we were very concerned at first glance.

Michel Rigaud: michelrig@gmail.com




I would like to share with you my experience in Nepal which I think it can be benefit for other trekkers. After a trek of one month at the Mustang, (trail on the EASTERN part of the region, with the planned climb of the SARIBUNG – 6327 m) after 8 days of trek, while everything went perfectly, my wife severely broke  her ankle  in a passage with no difficulty … The Accident!!!   We had carried the first aid, the doctor was present  in the team reduces the fracture and lays a soft splint carried in our pharmacy kit ground. After 1 hour  of horse riding, we arrived in a small tea house under construction between Tanggey  and Yara.

Our  satellite phone allowed  us to reach the Mr. Chhetup Tamang, Managing Director of Agency ART (Altitude Randonnee Trekking)  who informed  us at the end of the evening that he has contacted our insurance, and that he will take off  by helicopter from Katmandu, early in the morning to repatriate us. We gave him our precise coordinates, location, altitude and we installed camping  for the night . Knowing there, according to our a companion  also he was doctor said  that a surgical operation is necessary and that it is urgent! At day break, the intense  cloud covered did not make us optimistic ! Around 10 AM, the characteristic noise of the big helicopter arrived and  made  comfortable to fly back to Kathmandu for  us. Flight very turbulent, turbine to bottom, in search of “winds” to finally pass a pass around 4500m.

In Kathmandu, the hospital confirmed  the medical diagnosis, the radio leaving no doubt … it was  necessary to operate as quickly as possible! The assumption by Europe-Assistance was  fast and efficient, we took off from Katmandu in the morning. My wife had to operate at Montpellier the following day in the late evening  after  4 days of the accident. No doubt, the surgeon was satisfied with his intervention.

Some opinion  in points about the accident away from home ….

01.Insurance … always too expensive before departure … ask for information, read the short lines … As far as I am concerned, I signed a contract with DIOT Montagne (Bourg St Maurice) I do not regret it, they were great and have not “doubt” !

02. Doctor … by chance on the expedition, but really, very useful !!

03. Satellite telephone ... as a oxygen chamber … difficult to find also expensive etc … in my opinion, elements essential to the safety of the group as soon as there is a little commitment … or else, be sure you do nothing breaking, not being sick, safety from altitude sickness!

04. Trek agency ….whose Managing Director is able to operate  a relief operation such as rescue flight on time … there, my objective is not to advertise him but to  the fellow trekkers  contact  I give you is the way …I trusted ….I proved …I have already been in that accident !!! I just aware you for your safety adventure in future.

Mr. Chhetup Tamang,

Managing Director, Agency ART (Altitude Randonnee Trekking)

Kathmandu, Nepal. Website: www.treknepal.travel

Jean-Pierre PITOT Email: jppitot34@gmail.com



Namaste Chhetup,

I just arrived in Philadelphia. Pretty tired but lot of good memories.  It was  just fantastic  and  I am sure your customers have made the right choice. What can I say… You really made the difference for us! Even for our first trek, your contacts have been extremely beneficial. For the second trek in Jomsom, everything was wonderful. The organization in Pokhora was perfect. The guide and the porters were absolutely committed to our well being. It is fortunate we made business with you. For next, I wish you plenty of success for you and your crew. If I ever have the opportunity to come back to Nepal, I will certainly contact you first. I will advise all my friends who want to go there to do the same.
I also have taken plenty of pictures of the trek in Jomsom, if you would like to use some for commercial purpose or just for the record, please ask and I’ll send some of them. Please let me know in the future if I can provide any help !! Transmit my warm salutations to your lovely family.

Christophe Amvam Zollo
371 Paoli Pike 19355 Malvern, PA, USA
Phone : +1 484 467 9109
E-mail : christophe.amzo@gmail.com



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