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ART offers a "Wedding Tour" in Nepal for our clients who would like to make their marriage ceremony unforgettable experience in their life. We have been collected the views of our some clients regarding wedding tour for marriage ceremony in Nepal who love Nepal, Nepalese traditions, customs and rites. They would like to make their wedding ceremony in Nepal according to Buddhist tradition or Hindu tradition.

In Buddhist tradition, marriage ceremony is held in monastery (Gompa) in the presence of professional Lamaiste (Buddhist priest with red uniform), parents, family, friends and all relatives of bride and groom. Mostly the groom wears coat, Daura-suruwal, and Nepali topi (hat). The bride wears red sari, red veil and ornaments. Some ethnic groups like Sherpa, Tamang, Gurung, Tibetan, Thakali etc. wear their typical dress too. Lamaiste reads the Buddhist holy books of Tibetan language and worships for the Buddhist deities to bring them peace, prosperity and long life relation after the marriage. The bride and groom put “Tika” rice and milk mixed white mark each other on their foreheads.  Buddhist white khatas “symbol of good luck” are worn to all participants and arrange a special cocktail dinner party in the yard of monastery, party palace or hotel.

In Hindu tradition, marriage ceremony is held in a Hindu temple and in its tented ground, party palace or hotel in the presence of Hindu priest, parents, friends and relatives of bride and groom.  Hindu priest reads holy books in Sanskrit language and worships to the Hindu deities to bring them peace, prosperity and long life relation after the marriage. The groom wears coat, Nepali typical Daura-Suruwal, and Nepali Topi (hat). The bride wears typically red sari, red veil and ornaments.  The groom puts “Tika” rice, milk and red powder (sindhur) mixed red mark on the head (upper side of forehead) of bride also they wear the golden finger rings each other. Finally, a special non alcoholic dinner party is given in tented ground, party palace or hotel for all participants. Alcohol is not sacred for the Hindu culture though some of them arrange the cocktail drinks near the party place to make party more fun.

The costs of marriage (wedding tour) are not determined; we can fix it according to capacity of expenses by groom and bride. We mean, what type of marriage ceremony would you like? Marriage ceremony in Buddhist monastery in the mountain region or in Kathmandu, Hindu temple in very simple way, at big party palace or at the hotels like 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars? Accordingly, we can make you the proposal of our cost. If you are interested in wedding tour package in Nepal, let us know your budget and ceremony should be organized by our agency.

Also, ART can plan your marriage ceremony in the Everest region during the trek, on the land of Mount Everest “top of the world” at Tengboche Buddhist Monastery, the biggest monastery in Khumbu/Everest region. The marriage ceremony can be made either at the beginning of Everest Base Camp Trek or at the ending of Everest Base Camp Trek. There are many Lamaistes (Buddhist priests), monks and non monks in this monastery to make the Buddhist traditional marriage procedure.

Our company will be witness to make legal documentation as proof of your marriage with the presence of lawyer. We wish you have the best wedding ceremony in Nepal.

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