In a simple definition, responsible tourism means make your travel like a local people and not just travel also consider to leave them something where we spend our holidays in different way of travel activities like culture tour, nature tour, jungle safaris, trekking, expedition what ever. So, our agency is fully conscious and confident to obey the ethics of responsible tourism such as care about local communities,respect their culture, tradition, customs etc

Also, we are very serious for the protection of wild life conservation and natural environment for the balance eco-system which can be a sustainable travel platform for the future generation. We have that philosophy “We should not destroy the authenticity of culture and nature because we should keep it for future travelers too.” We wish that our travel activities could not do any harmful impact for the local people, culture and nature. Besides these things, we do following actions for the responsible and sustainable tourism development in Nepal:

01. We have been exploring off the beaten paths in Himalaya especially in Nepal so that trekkers could get less touristic destinations and trekking routes to complete their desire of real adventure and to sustain the trekking tourism in our country.

02. We insist for high quality service and maximum security for our clients during the adventure travel, tour, trekking and expedition in Nepal. In high pass and climbing adventures, we provide oxygen chamber (Gamow bag) for the protection from acute mountain sickness and satellite phone for the communication to call rescue helicopter in bad accident cases. So, the clients feel fully secure with us during the adventure trekking and climbing.

03. We organize the cleaning treks as environmental cleaning campaign in the certain region to collect and to bring the non disposable items like plastic,bottle,metal etc. These are very harmful for the nature. It can destroy and kill the nature if we don’t control it.

04. We use local employees or mules to generate them income from our tourism activities and we buy their local products like food,grains, vegetable,handicraft etc. to leave them some economy.

05. We assure well and pays respective salary on time for our employees (Expedition guide, high altitude Sherpa, climbing guide, French & English speaking trekking guide, assistant guide, cook, kitchen boy and porter) according to ILO ( International Labor Organization) act and syndicate of workers union in Nepal because we never do exploitation of labor. We pay them according to their efficiency.

06. We do not allow to carry heavy weight for our porters. They are also human and not mules. We let them to carry only 25 kg maximum in tea house treks and 30 kg maximum in camping treks. We provide them warm cloths to protect from cold, reliable mountain gears to protect from frostbite in snow, good food to get energy, good accommodation for sleeping etc. in high pass treks. We pay them also in the cases of injury and illness. We give them rescue helicopter in the cases of acute mountain sickness, accident, death etc. So, they are happy to work with us any time in any treks.

07. We organize the skill development training time to time for our employees to increase their professionalism so that they could perform their outstanding service during the work period with our clients.

08. We have not only objectives of  business profit but also we have been involving in community support projects through different associations. We have been supporting in the sectors of health and education.

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