# One family member invest & all family members get 5 years Golden Visa or Permanent Residence Visa in Greece. # Greece is already EU listed Schengen country after 7 years your family get EU Passport. # Right time to invest in Greece, properties are cheap now, after 2-3 years you get double price.

Dear Investors,

Warm greetings from Kathmandu, Nepal.

I, Euroschengen Nepal kindly inform you that I am real estate & property investment agency in Nepal. I have been working under Euroschengen No. 1 real estate and property investment agency in Greece. I organized official seminar on 23rd September 2017 in Kathmandu,Nepal regarding property investment and Greek Golden Visa Program information for Nepali investors.

I traveled Greece from 25th February to 3rd March 2018 for a week to visit this most beautiful country, monuments, culture, food, people, properties to sell properties for our investors from all over the world. I already traveled many countries in Europe. I found that life is cheaper in Greece.People are so friendly & happy without stressful life politically stable. That’s why, all international investors go in Greece that they are sure they get back profit from their investment. I gained so many knowledge and ideas about the price, size, location, renovation cost, registration tax, annual tax, all legal procedures etc. to buy property and to qualify for golden visa.

For your kind information, Athens is capital and center city, apartments are cheaper in center city than beach area of Mediterranean sea. But no worries, beach area is just 20-25 minutes drive from center city. 

During my travel in Greece, my agency sold me an apartment in reasonable price 150000 Euro extra registration tax in my name and i got chance to buy this apartment in center Athens near Metro Stop in very prime location 10-15 minutes walking distance to Parliament House & Olympic Stadium.

Now, i became foreign legal investor there. I got Greece Bank Account & Tax Identification Number. I can travel any time in this beautiful country. I get 45 Euro per night in low season and i get 60 Euro per night in high season from tourists by online booking platform airbnb.com Athens is full of tourists 12 months. If i sell my apartment after 2-3 years, the cost will be two times increase.

Another chance is Golden Visa for family of investors, if we invest in any property cost 250000 Euro extra registration tax. One family member invest but all family members (Parents of Investor, Parents of Investor’s wife or husband and Children below 18 years) get 5 years renewable Permanent Resident visa or Golden Visa. After 7 years legal stay in Greece all family members of Investor get EU Citizen. Greece is already EU listed Schengen country in 27 countries in Europe.

So, i have been working as Asia Manager registering my agency Euroschengen Nepal under Euroschengen No. 1 real estate and property investment agency in Greece to facilitate for all investors and families to get this opportunity. I can do marketing & promotion to communicate with the investors and families to proceed free tourist visa to go there, to see and to visit our properties, to buy our properties and to make golden visa.


# Documents Check List to get Tourist Visa/Short Stay Visa in Greece.

01. Color valid passport of Investor/applicant…

02. Family relationship certificates (parents both side, wife & husband marriage, birth certificates of children below 18 years)…

03. Main applicant (property buyer’s personal or his company’s account) bank statements of 6 months/also balance certificate stamp by bank…

04. Company registration certificates if owner or employment letters from the employment if job holder with 6 months’ salary payment slip by employer…

05. Company, tax certificate, audit report, income source papers….

06. Recommendation letters from social organizations if involve….

07. Police report certificate /not criminal recorded in your country…

08. Award or appreciation certificates if applicant have…

09. Applicant or his company affiliation letter or certificate in professional/entrepreneurs/clubs or associations…

10. Color business card or ID copies of company or employee…

11. Business contract or agreement letters of your company with other company if applicant’s company have…

12. Color print copy of Invitation by our agency…

13. Color print copy of hotel voucher / accommodation fixed by our agency…

14. Flight Itinerary your country to Greece also return…


# Important notes to know by our agency & Investors/applicants

01. Sponsor Letter / Invitation Letter / Hotel Booking Voucher for Embassy……..by our Greece agency Euroschengen

02. Tourist Visa fees & documents parcel fees……..Investors/applicants should pay

03. Travel Insurance………. Investors/applicants should pay

04. Flight Tickets……….. Investors/applicants should pay

05. Welcome Dinner or Lunch in Greece……………by our Greece agency Euroschengen

06. Other Food & Accommodation in Greece……… Investors/applicants should pay

07. Car or Jeep in Greece to pick up & drop in airport also visit property ….. by our Greece agency Euroschengen


# Golden Visa Qualification

01. My Greece agency shows you property ( apartment, house, building, hotel, restaurant, shop etc.).

02. You will choose the property.

03. You must buy property of 250000 Euro extra registration tax.

04. My agency open your bank account & Tax ID Number in Greece.

05. Golden visa applicant should make first transfer 11000 Dollar in Greece bank account.

06. In all money transfer purpose of amount sending should write property buying.

07. You can transfer money from any country from your family members or friends.

08. Then Greece property come registration in your name.

09. Investors family get golden visa within 15 to 30 days.

10. Your all family (parents of wife & husband, wife & husband, children below 18 years) all get golden visa 5 years renewable PR or green card in Greece.

11. After 7 years legal stay in Greece…all can get EU citizen in Greece.



Preparation of documents,  (all notarized and apostle)

  • Passport full name and father’s – mother’s name:
    This proved by the passport. If the passport does not state the name of the father and mother’s the customer must have and his identity Card.
  • Certificate of residency
  • Certificate(LETTER) from his company (or from the Authorities) full details, name, address, tel. etc  from which derives the profession, business address and telephone of the client.
  • TAX Board
  • Telephone number Is need  an  account or phone contact (mobile or fixed)
  • 3 photosfor each of the 3 persons;
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Family Record Extract

TRIP TO  Athens  (Physical presence)

Signing a Proxy for getting Tax Number (in KEP- government departure) Take TAX Number

  • Opening of bank account
  • Signing of various powers of attorney
  • Choosing the preferred property
  • Payment of reservation fee for the property 5000 € to 10.000 €
  • Client sent the money to his account

Prepare the Pre-contract and Contract –  Lawyer’s Duty

  • Control in the Registry office for mortgage and actions (if any) of the property.
  • Issue of this control result
  • Monitoring and amending the process of the  contract.
  • Control, reassure and defend the property status to be free of  any  debits
  • Control, reassure  and defend the property status to be free of any Urban code violation  (this service will be carried out by an associate CIVIL ENGINEER Controller  free of any extra cost)
  • Proceed with all necessary actions to the TAX authorities regarding the declaration of the ownership of the property (this service will be carried out by an associate Accountant  free of any extra cost)

When everything is ready Trip to Athens (or we do the next steps by P.O.A)

  • Payment of Property Transfer Tax (3,1 % -from  private – not company seller)
  • Payment for the property- Signing the deed
  • Payment of Notary fees  : 1,3 % (approx.) (including all the taxes, VAT  etc) and  the Land Registry office : 0,7 % € (approx.)
  • Registration of contract of sale at the Land Registry
  • Payment of individual Insurance (€150 for each member -) and Payment State fee for P.R. € 500 for each adult.  
  • Get appointment to the emigration office (Ministry of Interior)

 Physical presence

Completion of various statements, declarations and documents and  Submission of file to the Ministry of Interior and collection of pre  approval (Blue Card)       

 Waiting about 20 days.

 Getting the client’s passports (by courier or he brings them to Athens)

 Collection of final approval letter + I.D. CARD  (In the same day)  and  Delivery to the applicant.


Client (and his family) acquires Permanent Residency



# Government Notary Fee: 1.3%  € 3,250.00

# Registry Office: 1% € 2,500.00

# Fee of the Engineer: € 400.00

# Fees of the Accountant: € 400.00

# Property Transfer Tax: 3.1% € 7,750.00

# Payment of Individual Insurance (150 € for each member-approx) € 150.00

# Payment State Fee for P.R. (500 € for each adult) € 500.00

# During  5 years  Attorney Lawyer Fee : € 5000

Total Closing Cost: € 19,950.00

TOTAL COST: € 250,000.00 + € 19,950.00  =  € 269,950.00


# AVERAGE RENT PER MONTH: € 1,000.00 (According to area you buy property)

# EXPECTED ANNUAL RENTAL INCOME : € 12,000.00  Rent yield 4.80%

Income Tax on Rental Income : 15% € 1,800.00

Property Management Cost:  €  500.00

Annual Property Tax – 6 euro per square meter (approx. of the area):  € 600.00

Utility Bills : €-   

Maintenance Cost :  €-   

Municipality Tax ( Environment ) : €-   

Total Cost : € 2,900.00

TOTAL NET INCOME : € 9,100.00

ANNUAL ROI : Net income / Total property cost * 100  3.43%


Before travel to Greece, make ready following documents & carry with you.

Before the clients travel to Greece, he has to prepare the following documents in order to bring with him otherwise, it will be impossible to open the bank account.  A bank account is a must.

Preparation of documents,  (all notarized and apostle)

  • Passportfull name and father’s – mother’s nameThis proved by the passport. If the passport does not state the name of the father and mother’s the customer must have and his identity card or family relationship certificate. 
  • Certificate of residencylike electricity bill, water bill etc.
  • Certificate(LETTER) from his company (or from the Authorities) full details, name, address, tel. etc  from which make clear the profession, business address and telephone of the client.
  • TAX Boarder. Tax identity.  Something from the Tax authorities that he pays taxes.
  • Mobile or Telephone Number is need  to open the bank  account. Telephone bill is needed. Our lawyers make documentation and give you Greece Mobile Sim Card.
  • 3 photos
  • Marriage Certificate (if you have ) 

After reach in Greece

Step 1

  • Entrance to Greece and property selection ( It is advisable the client have 2-3 options from the properties he visits)

Step 2

  • Creation of proxies for the purchase of the property, the management of the bank account, the filing of an application for a residence permit.

Step 3

  • Legal and town planning control of real estate.

Step 4

  • If the property is cleared from any problem then the lawyers provide a reservation to the seller (from 5.000 to 15.000 euros, depending on the value of the property).

Step 5

  • Document collection on the part of the seller for the purchase and sale (about 20 to 30 days)

Step 6

  • Signing of a contract (by the client himself or by our attorney-at-law)

Step 7

  • Filing an application for a residence permit and receiving bio-metricdata (with all the required documents). To obtain bio-metricdata

Step 8

  • Issuance of a residence permit for 5 years (20 to 30 days after the deposit)


Photos speak thousand stories ……………….

# Greece Golden Visa Seminar in Kathmandu Nepal.

# Euroschengen Official Delegation in Greek Consulate in Kathmandu

# Greece Golden Visa Seminar 23rd September 2017

# Euroschengen Greece International Manager Maria Briefing Time

# Euroschengen Greece Lawyer Vassili Briefing Time

# Euroschengen Nepal Managing Director Chhetup Tamang

# MOI Euroschengen Greece & Euroschengen Nepal in Athens

# Lunch Euroschengen Greece & Euroschengen Nepal

If you are interested as investors to invest in Greece & to get Greece Golden Visa / Permanent Resident 5 years renewable visa or EU passport after 7 years for your family, please contact us in following person & address:

Chhetup Tamang – Managing Director/Asia Manager

Euroschengen Nepal

Lazimpat 2, Kathmandu, Nepal,

Tel: +977 1 4006665

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