Legal operation:

We are an authorized and registered trekking and expedition agency under Nepal Government Ministry of Culture, Civil Aviation and Tourism with all legal company procedures and documents such as Company Register Certificate, Internal Revenue Tax Department Certificate, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) Tourism Industry Department License, Nepal Central Bank Foreign Currency Exchange Department Certificate , Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) Membership Certificate, Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) Membership Certificate, NECO Insurance Company and other tourism related organizations in Nepal.

Our field staffs are well assured with the medical and life insurance policy while they work in out door adventures. For your kind information, we only run legal operations. Be careful and alert ! Some individuals and companies create very beautiful web sites to make attraction for online booking clients who ask information about travelling for Nepal in internet but they may run illegal operations without Nepal Central Bank Foreign Currency Exchange Department Certificate, Annual Tax Clearance Certificate and Insurance Policy Certificate for medical and life for the field staffs.

For your secure travel, better you can ask them legal documents of company mainly Nepal Central Bank Foreign Currency Exchange Department Certificate, Annual Tax Clearance Certificate and Insurance Policy Certificate for medical and life for the field staffs. If not It can make your travel bothering with such illegal individuals and companies. For example: if your field staffs got accident or acute mountain sickness during the trek, they cannot give you helicopter rescue services in emergency also insurance for their family.

Quality & security:

We could succeed to establish as a quality brand name in adventure tourism sector of Nepal. We never compromise to make down for our company’s reputation in tourism market and we feel proud to be the one of the top competitors to provide high quality service in reasonable price for our clients.
So, we have been recognizing as a professional and leading trekking and expedition company with the 20 years hard work and experiences of our team that have been already proved by our previous satisfied clients from different country. If you wish to know about our company and our outstanding services through our client’s mouth or mails, we can give you the references and contact details of our previous clients before your booking with us. It makes you secure transaction and you will think that you are choosing right company in Nepal.
We are so serious for the security aspects in the adventure field for our clients and staffs such as selecting and composing professional, expert and experience team, choosing proper branded and reliable cloths, gears and equipment, shopping or ordering quality foods and drinks, better access by comfortable means of transportation etc.
We carry oxygen chamber (Gamow bag) of CERTEC brand made in France for the trekking high passes and peak climbing above the altitude 5500m to 7100m. We carry oxygen mask and bottles for the expedition above the altitude 7100 to 8848m.
We carry satellite phone in the region where local mobile and other telephone services are not available for the evacuation calls to provide helicopter rescue service in case of emergency.

Right person in right place:

We make a right selection of the field staffs like climbing guides, trekking guides, assistant guides, trekking cooks and trekking porters who know very well about trekking routes, local culture, geographic condition and difficulty level of trekking paths in the region where we organize the adventure trips so that our trekking clients could not get inconveniences and terrible moments during the trek. Be careful and alert ! Some trekking agencies engage the field staffs who don’t know the exact trekking paths in the region where you will go for trekking and you may lose some where during the trek. It will be very terrible experience for you. It can make your holiday unpleasant and scared. We had met some trekking clients in some trekking routes who had lost the path because of their staffs didn’t know the exact path. You should make sure that your field staffs have already gone in those routes once or twice.

Team work & team spirit:

Without strong team spirit in group, any projects cannot be succeeded. Among our staffs, we have team spirit to succeed the adventure projects. We share the knowledge and experiences among us. We never discriminate each other. We feel as a single family during the work period in the field and we will be serious and dedicated to give maximum satisfaction for our clients. Our staffs are friendly, helpful, hard worker and trusty. We believe that without their great support and hard work, we never achieve the objectives of our company. While we have objectives to make successful adventure. We never discriminate among team members with the proud of designations among guide, assistant guide, cook, porter etc. We feel that we are all team members of single family with the different responsibilities.

No exploitation & no discrimination: 

We obey the act of ILO (International Labor Organization). We pay respective salary for our staffs on time according to their designation and efficiency according to law of Nepal Government Ministry of Culture, Civil Aviation & Tourism also other tourism related organizations. Also, we respect our filed staffs and porters who work in trekking adventure. We follow the ethics and syndicate of porters union in Nepal and we give them maximum 25 kg weight in tea house treks and 30 kg weight in camping treks. Our all staffs are well equipped by proper cloths, gears and equipment according to trek difficulties and altitude levels. Also they are well assured with the life and medical insurance policy by reputed insurance company in Nepal.

Community supports:

As we know that charity begins at home. Our company has not been doing only business profit from our services but also we have been organizing the charity actions for our community, staffs and for their family members who have a critical economic condition because of poverty, accidents, natural disasters etc. We frequently organize fund raising programs to support for their community, family and children. We emphasize in proper education for the children of our staffs and we distribute the cloths and school materials for the children. We give the skill development training for our staffs during the trek off-season in winter and summer such as English and French language training, first aid and rescue training, trekking guide training, climbing training, cooking training etc. After earthquake in Nepal, we have already constructed two school buildings (5 rooms & 10 rooms) in Kavre district of Nepal with the support and help of French association EDM ( Enfances du Monde).

Responsible & sustainable tourism:

We cannot imagine this beautiful world for the future generation without remaining the balance ecological system in the earth. We are so serious to keep balance ecological system and we respect the ethics of sustainable and responsible tourism by our all adventure travel activities. We do our commitment to run eco-tourism activities so that environmental beauty could not destroy or reduce by our cause. We are also conscious to respect the local people and communities, to protect the pristine culture and to preserve the nature. We should not just travel, leaving foot prints and destroying nature but also we should contribute something for the local communities. That’s why, we organize some community support treks and environmental cleaning campaign treks too. We use local employees and mules to get employment and also we buy local products such as handicrafts, food, vegetable, fruits, grains, fresh meat, etc. to give them some economy from our treks.

Village tourism:

Nepal is under developed country being politically centralized government system since long in the history. That’s why; villages are untouched by the modern infrastructural development and always the villagers are under the poverty line. They are not getting facilities of accessible road to move on from one place to another, very worst health condition without hospitals and professional doctors, not proper education for the children being lack of schools and expert teachers, some places even not drinking waters etc. They are not having basic needs to survive their lives and always depending on traditional cultivation. Therefore, we would like to draw the attention of our government and related organizations to bring the concept for the development of villages and to promote the village tourism in Nepal where tourist can explore the local culture, tradition, ethnic languages and people with the warm hospitality.

Partnership Organization:

It is our pleasure to extend our partnership organization in all countries. We greatly enjoy working with international agents, individuals, associations, adventure clubs etc. We can work together with jointly venture for the international trade values and mutual business profits in adventure tourism to establish our company’s reputation in trademark. If you are interested and wish to work in partnership organization, we are highly appreciated to share our commitments and agreements for the future business relation.

Discount rates:

We offer discount rates for the students and a family organizing group to economize their travelling budget to make trip affordable. Also, we propose very fair and reasonable price for the group trekkers from trekking travel agent, association or adventure clubs according to number of participants. Definitely, price will be depending in numbers of participants, according to trek high and low season, changing daily market price for fuel & food etc. It may up and down the price by the different reasons.

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